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Yes, the 'Wine Can' is on the rise on the European mainland and for several good reasons! But first a short introduction of 'Who is The Wine Can Guy?'

Meet wine professional Dennis Doorakkers.

A huge believer and enthusiast of this innovative and high quality product.
In recent years, Dennis has built up a large network within the wine industry as a wine importer, wine teacher, wine writer, wine vlogger and jury member for several international wine competitions. In addition, he is affiliated with the 
International Canned Wine Competition in California as their "International Wine Ambassador", the leading competition for canned wines.

So, why are canned wines booming in countries as the United Kingdom, South Africa, Italy and the United States?

Because you bring a can of wine anywhere (to the park, any outdoor events or on a boat trip) it will not break like some small bottles, it also cools faster than a bottle in your fridge, Other reasons are that it's a so called "single serve" per glass, so no need to open a whole bottle of wine! At the end of the day it also reduces the CO2 footprint, due to the use of high quality aluminum and therefore is extremely friendly for the environment.

But that's not all. If you want to drink less wine but don't want to compromise on quality, choose canned wines! Or if you don't want to waste any more leftovers of your open bottle of wine or you don't want to open a bottle of wine on Sunday evening, when you're eager to have some lovely wine in your glass.

Do you recognize this? Then canned wines might be something for you.

This new innovative wine packaging is unique for wine drinkers with commitment and awareness for a healthier lifestyle and for every wine lover who wants to enjoy delicious "craft wines" by the glass, everywhere and with anyone.

If you are a (start-up) entrepreneur in the wine business, who wants to invest in canned wines or you are a producer of production facilities within the industry, The Wine Can Guy could help you further on a global scale. Collaboration = key.

As said before, cans of wine are already available in the markets in other countries, but still unknown in many marketplaces on the European mainland, including The Netherlands. That is why The Wine Can Guy wants to increase the awareness and visibility of the product globally, by connecting people in the industry and act as a 'global matchmaker'.

By working together with the entire business chain, from grape grower to direct point of sales, he is linking supply and demand as a global matchmaker in the B2B market. With a large network in this young industry there are a lot of opportunities.

What can you expect for matchmaking facilities? Some examples.

1. A wine producer and a wine can brand

2. A packaging producer and a wine producer

3. A wine producer and a manufacturer of canning and filling systems

4. Potential sales channels with wine producers (B2B channels)

5. Sales channels with consumers as end users for wine can producers (B2C = Brand Ambassador)

But what about individual brands and their search for consumers on the Dutch wine market? For brand promotion and sales potential Dennis can act as your Brand Ambassador.

The Wine Can Guy is THE expert in the Netherlands when it comes to canned wines and as stated before he brings parties together and promotes your organization within the emerging wine can industry in the Netherlands.

What can you expect from a Brand Ambassador for the Dutch market? Some examples;

1. Looking for sales opportunities (B2B & B2C) through a large number of contacts

2. Setting up campaigns on social media and/or working together with your marketing and sales department

3. Demo tasting of your wines in person!

And many more things to boost your sales in The Netherlands. Let's do it together.

Are you curious and looking for business opportunities? Please send me an email.


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